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Symposium “Education in the 21st Century ― What Should We Expect?”

Jun.01(Wed),2016    16:40 ー 18:30
Doshisha Chapel, Imadegawa Campus, Doshisha University


President Ryuichi Ida (Shiga University)


Prof. Katsuhiro Kohara (School of Theology, Director of the Center for the Study of Conscience, Doshisha University)


Prof. Ichiro Uchiyama (Faculty of Psychology, Doshisha University, Principal of Doshisha Elementary School)

Prof. Katsunobu Kihara (Faculty of Social Studies, Doshisha University)



While the aim of education universally is “to foster the development of individuals,” different aspects have been emphasized at different points in history. Expectations toward education vary greatly over time: at one time, the goal was to produce people useful to the nation, under the slogan “Rich Country, Strong Army,” meaning the enhancement of state wealth and military power; in modern days, developing globally minded leaders may be what is most expected from education. What, then, do we aim for through education, living today in the early twenty-first century? What is our vision for the future society, and what is the image of the individuals we seek to nurture?

Admission free; no reservations required.

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